Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trial begins... First Full Day Complete

Belle sits below, awaiting out exit to Colorado. It's a good representation of her and our other dog Will.  I'm thinking based on his look he wanted to go also.

The first day of the week long trial is over.  Nursery has not started.  Open has started and they completed 38 runs today.  They will run the same number each day for two more days to get the first runs in.  Then top third I think run then the top twenty run on Sunday.  I will run tomorrow near the end of the day in Nursery.  I will update everyone as soon as I know anything.

Above is the trial field.  It's 440 yards or a quarter mile from the handlers post to the set out.  This pic is of the open field.  I will post a picture of the nursery trial field tomorrow.  It will be a 340 yard outrun.

Below you can see Belle's entry.  I'll bring home the book for Tom and Ruth  but you can see I hope the listing showing them as owners.  Also shows the breeder Glen.

Below are four seperate shots merged into one panorama.  It's puts to much emphasis on the front of the photo but it still represents the site.  It's like a little city.  More handlers are arriving as some didn't even have a dog running till the second or third day.  By this weekend it should be a third more crowded with handlers and by this weekend the spectators will be huge.

I mentioned Gucci West.  In the picture below you see the trial field is surrounded by hills.  On these hills are big resort type houses.  They have the best view of the field but don't the rich always get the best?   There is a tug of war between the ranchers and the developers out here.  One wanting to maintain the pristine wilderness and one wanting to build houses for the vacationing second home types.

I am feeling good about our run tomorrow.  I had my time in the practice field this afternoon and Belle did just fine.  I was surprised she didn't mind the big woolies and they moved off her just fine.

The open handlers have either had the white house or the out house.  The scores have been awful or just fine thankyou.  There's been no middle of the road scores.  The sheep will stop and graze if the sense weakness and fight or run if the dog pushes to hard.   The best handler of the last 10 years is Alistair McCrae and he had sheep that fought him all the way and did not score well.  Last years Chamption did fine with a high score.  Our friend from Texas Allison Holmes had a nice run that will surely get her in the next stage. 

On my run tomorrow my biggest fear is she won't go far enough but she does take a redirect well so maybe it'll work out.  But I saw so many wrecks today by open handlers I'm not worried to much about tomorrow.  Wish me luck and thanks.

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